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Web Application Idea


Good Evening! I haven’t blogged for a while so I decided that a good comeback post would be about an idea I’ve had for a web application.


One of the problems I have come across quite a bit in my downloading and using of software (primarily open-source, but also some closed-source) is that, typically, the people who test the software before releasing it into “the wild” are the very same people who are developing that application. You might think this would be a good thing, (if the developers are the ones writing it, they must now how to test it best, right?) but it turns out, according to many psychologists, that when we’re looking for something we can find it pretty easily but if we aren’t looking for it we’ll often miss very obvious things.

In summary, I would say that taking on the paradigm of the user will yield far greater discovery of bugs and inconsistencies than taking on the paradigm of the developer.


Many application developers can have a difficult time shifting to the user paradigm in order to test their own software because they are so familiar with what it took to get it to where it is and what’s going on behind the scenes (almost as a parent often does not notice their own flaws in their child); Continue reading