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Ikea Standing Desk Hack


The inspiration for the project I am showcasing today comes from the book Make Space. This book is awesome! The authors bear an incredible understanding of how space affects the way that people think, feel, and interact. If you have a home or office where you have the power to change things around, you are sure to be inspired by this book which will explain things that you have known intuitively but didn’t know how to put into words.

Aside from the mental benefits of standing, there are also numerous health benefits! I think this Lifehacker article sums it up very well.


My coworker, Chris, and I decided that we really want to stand at our desks full-time. We looked at a number of different solutions, from propping up our monitors and keyboard to putting our desks up on cinder blocks, but finally we decided to modify the legs of the existing desks Continue reading