Pecha Kucha Nights: Flint #1

Good evening! This past Tuesday, Flint held its first Pecha Kucha Night.

In case you aren’t familiar, Pecha Kucha Night is an event focused on the community where anyone can come and share an idea. Looking for a clearer definition? Too bad; that would totally stifle the attitude that drives PKN: community creativity.

Alas, I’m getting ahead of myself; I’d like to let you guys know what actually happened on Tuesday Night.

PKN: Flint met at the Riverfront Apartments in one of their Board Rooms at 8pm with the doors opening at 7:15.  The event was attended by 13 “lone nuts“, 4 of which gave talks. The speakers were:

After each speaker, we allowed a few minutes for people to feed back and share thoughts.

Once each speaker had taken their turn, We circled our chairs and had at least an hour-long discussion about how we could make PKN:F sustainable and even how we could grow it.

Alright, sorry if that was a little bit too dry, now to the good stuff: my thoughts on the event.

I loved PKN:F #1! I will admit I went in to the event with little expectations about who would come, how the talks would be, etc. but while I was impressed with the level and content of the talks, the attendees are what impressed me most. I absolutely love the explicitly organic nature of Pecha Kucha Nights (by the way, I heard that Pecha Kucha is like the Japanese sound for people talking, kind of like chit-chat) specifically because of what I saw on Tuesday night. Every single person who attended the event either gave a talk or told me about an idea they would like to share in a future PK Night (this is a good time to mention that we will be hosting 3 more events before the end of the year).

In closing, I would like to invite you to contact me if you have an idea you would like to share or you would like to get involved in another way. This is a really great opportunity for the Flint Community to bond together over shared ideas and I would love to see this grow to the point where we need to have these events on a bi-monthly basis just so everyone can have a chance to talk.



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