I am currently setting up my new front page and blog on A potential client mentioned to me that he went to my site (which he got from the domain on my email address, a very common occurrence) and found nothing…. Thus, the expanding and refining of my web presence and, in the long term, my personal brand.
Thanks for visiting, please don’t hesitate to contact me with suggestions or questions.

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    1. I’m referring to my personal brand. Just like a company has a brand, something that people associate with that company’s product, I have a brand in that I have a specific kind of service that I provide and people associate a kind of thinking or behavior with me.

      To sum up, people need to have a clear and accurate impression of who I am; especially people who haven’t met me yet.

  1. I would like to speak with you about an opportunity at a Tier 1 automotive company. I love how out there you are with your skills!

    Please call me at 248-275-5463 ext. 214

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