7 thoughts on “Ikea Standing Desk Hack

  1. some technician guy

    That Chris guy sounds pretty awesome… but I heard that he got the idea of molding the PVC from youtube on a channel about making PVC archery bows…

  2. Dustin

    Was it this one? I didn’t realize how easily you could heat-gun a PVC tube into bendy goop until I watched this fellow on youtube making bows from schedule40 pipe. (We ended up making my niece a too-functional costume prop from 1/2″ pvc and some hay baling string for her Katniss Everdeen halloween costume.)


  3. rubin110

    Hi there. I saw your hack on Hack a Day. I’ve been wanting a standing desk but all the solutions out there are either too pricey or don’t give enough desk area. Your hack is pretty awesome and I’d like to give it a try myself. However there was one thing I was wondering, do you still use the set screws to anchor some how into the PVC or did you just cut the PVC to the appropriate length and have the table fully rest on the tops of them? If you are using the set screws, how?

    Also what paint did you use?


    1. dantheman2865 Post author

      Hi Rubin,

      Thanks for the compliments! We do, indeed, still use the set screws on the original desks. This was the only reason we needed to bend the PVC pipes, so that the legs could go past the set screws and still be adjustable (as well as secure).

      The paint we used was from Lowes, maybe it was a Rust-Oleum? Gray primer and silver glossy paint.

  4. Alex Stoner

    This is awesome. I’ve been looking for a solution to the same issue and I think this is it. Definitely going to try for myself.


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