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  1. Charles

    My response is definitely opinionated based on experience in US commercial sector, so take that into account.

    I think your observations are right on. Developers who write software have no clue how to test it..coming from the background of someone who develops software for consumer use targeting all ages.

    I’ve had luck in writing test apps that randomly behave to manipulate the software I have written to route out bugs in my own work. Sounds ridiculous right? Unless you’re in an experienced engineering or software house I don’t think management even understands software or why it needs to be well planned in advance then tested.

    In America anyway, I really believe the majority of software development takes place inside of businesses. The tough part about your model is that your inherently extending a large amount of trust onto unknown individuals who are testing your software. Major companies such as Microsoft have millions of dollars invested in the secrecy of that product until they release it, because they want to have as much control as they can over the marketing of that product and how information about it is released to the public.

    I work in a small company, but our clients would get extremely upset if I were allowing 3rd parties to use their custom software; which in all honesty they were planning to make a lot of money from and planned on enhancing their brand with it.

    I do think that open source could maybe benefit from your idea though, but open source developers in the US at least are doing it because they love the work they are doing. I don’t think they are very well funded, but barely survive on jobs that come in based on their open source product. Well; we won’t know unless there is a service like this to prove or deny your claims.

    Neat article.

    1. dantheman2865 Post author

      Wow! Thanks for the solid reply. You have a really good perspective. I guess in reply to your post, the app is targeted primarily at Open-Source software development, but I would also like to monetize the site (without just asking for donations). Maybe I could build in a level of Non-Disclosure with a default NDA the company could use, or have an option to include their own.

      Thanks for the feedback, this is very valuable.


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