2 thoughts on “How to save a dying city

  1. Tina Nies

    Great job, Dan! You summed it up well with “the key reversing the decline of post-industrial cities is in the growth of “deep economies” which focus on development of the community over strict economic growth.”

    You’re setting a great example of community development as you organize and promote events like Pecha Kucha Nights in Flint.

    Thank you!

  2. Ilya Gerner

    Thanks for sending me this link. Interesting take.

    Imagine a young man who grows up in Wayne County, gets a scholarship to Michigan State, graduates with a computer science degree, and then takes a job in Cupertino, CA. There are thorny issues of equity here (how can the state of MI capture some of the benefit they’ve conferred on this guy through 17 years of education and social services when he moves to CA right at the time he’s about to become productive) but my basic assumption is that this is a success story. I certainly wouldn’t prevent anyone from moving to Flint instead. Are there entrepreneurs who want to invest there? Awesome!

    I love cities. I wouldn’t want to live outside of one. I’m just skeptical of interventions that target specific locations rather than creating the general conditions for prosperous growth.



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